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Pitching School

The Practice Pro School is a seasonal small-group training program for novice players who want to learn how to pitch or the intermediate & advanced pitcher who strives to become exceptional.  Five to six players learn together, building on their lessons from each previous week. The methods and techniques used in this school will be nothing like you will get in any other private lesson or pitching camp. 


Yearly Session Structure

Summer Pitching Club & Tune-up Lessons: June - August
Offseason: October - December
Preseason: January - March
Inseason: April - May

Class Structure

Class: 75 minutes made up of 60 minutes pitching and 15 mental game practice.
Frequency: Once per week


Chicago, American Islamic College, 640 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, ESAA Thunder Facility, 5555 N. Lynch
Oak Park, Holmes Elementary School, 508 N. Kenilworth
Harwood Heights, Union Ridge Elementary School, 4600 N. Oak Park Ave.
Berwyn, Pershing Elementary School, 3537 37th Street


"Most of the 12U pitchers are just big girls throwing fastballs.  You’ve taught Julia how to actually pitch.  It was fun to watch and she’s on cloud nine.  Thanks so much."   -Bob Youman




It's your daughter's first kid-pitch game. She's seen her friends pitch a few times and has maybe tried it with you in the backyard once. Today is a big game with the rival team.  The inning starts and she nervously creeps out of the dugout and dawdles up to the mound.  All eyes are on her as she feels small out there on the big field.  She throws her first pitch - a grounder. Then comes wild pitch after wild pitch and her teammates are screaming "come on!" The coaches are yelling out mechanical corrections.  To no avail the pattern repeats: walk...walk...walk. Coach Bob has to relieve her as she finishes the game discouraged and embarrassed. "I don't think pitching is for me."  

It doesn't have to be like this!!!  Your daughter can build up the skills and confidence BEFORE she steps into her first game. Give her a chance to learn the motion and game strategy.  Show her how to learn from a bad game, recover, and continue on. Windmill pitching is one of the most rewarding skills to master in all of sports! Practice Pro will teach young girls & their parents how to enjoy it!

Even if your daughter has had a few tough experiences there is a chance for her to recover and learn to throw properly, especially if she's with her friends in a fun learning environment.  If you take the initiative early in her career and build a foundation, ensure her mechanics are safe by minimizing a risk of injury, softball will be many times more rewarding growing up. After all, kids like doing things they are good at.

At the Practice Pro School students will get good. They will have fun and grow with their friends. Most of all they will get pumped up about pitching!